What Does the Narc Say?

A collection of questions, comments and concerns from people with narcolepsy and their families.


5 thoughts on “What Does the Narc Say?

  1. What does the narc say hit me in the gut. I’ve been on a 10 month journey trying to figure out what happened to my son. Doctors are pretty sure it’s narcolepsy with cataplexy. He gets tested next week. Some of these quotes were pulled out of my heart. Words I’ve been screaming, and then some sentiments I didn’t even know how to verbalize but knew as our truth and soon as I read them. Thank you for compiling this video. It felt like a great therapy session, and my tears clensing


  2. Thank you so much for watching! Im sorry you have to go through the struggles you’re going through. As parents of children with narcolepsy it’s easy to feel alone but there are lots of us out there, all sharing very similar experiences. Wishing you the very best and sending lots of virtual hugs your way!


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