3rd Annual #WakeUpDylan Lemonade Stand Highlight Reel


The much anticipated (mostly because of my constant, relentless, some might say, witty reminders) 3rd Annual #WakeUpDylan Lemonade Stand Fundraiser has come and gone. We were rained out this year but still had a great turn out. We fell short of our overly ambitious goal of raising $8,000 but all things considered, we did very well and it was a very successful day!

As Dylan’s Mama Bear, it was unbelievably touching to see almost everyone who has ever worked with Dylan at the event – his very first teacher in pre-nursery (and the only teacher who had the pleasure of teaching a pre-narc Dylan), his JK/SK teacher, his grade 1 teacher, his school principal and VP, his CYW, his psychologist, both his private and school OTs, his tutor, his camp counsellor, his camp director, and his karate senseis – it was so nice to see how loved my sweet, sleepy boy is. Apologies to all that no one actually saw Dylan because, fittingly, he was asleep throughout most of the event!

A big thank you to everyone who risked a bad hair day to join us. Thank you so much to all of our friends, family and everyone in the community who came out to support us. Thank you too for everyone who couldn’t come but donated anyway, and of course, thank you to our incredibly long list of promotional draw prize donors!

A HUGE, ENORMOUS, GIGANTIC thank you to my co-organizers Jodi Robinson-Newman, Alison Posen, and Ruth Kane, without whom this event would not have been possible, and would not have been nearly as much fun. 

We are still accepting donations via our SickKids fundraising page – http://bit.do/WUDlemonadestand – so please consider making a donation if you were unable to attend.

Can’t wait for next year!!

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